Springbank Arena

At Springbank arena we can provide livery for your horses/ponies whilst you have a lovely, relaxing stay at Wallington Farm barns.

Livery near Wallingotn Farm

We are less than 1 mile from Wallington Farm and have amazing facilities including,

  • Both indoor and outdoor arenas.
  • Lots of countryside hacking.
  • A horse walker and solarium on site.
  • Lots of paddocks for the spring/summer days.

There are many other arenas and fun/farm rides around the area and if you’d like a gallop on the beach, our closest beach is just 50 minutes away.

Hadley arena and cross country is also just 15 minutes away and it has a fantastic café!

All stables include bedding, hay and water. However, if hard feed is needed, then we ask that you bring your own.

Please contact us on 07860 854520 and speak to Molly to arrange livery.


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