Our Farm

Welcome to Wallington Farm

We hope you will enjoy your stay on our Farm, in the newly converted barn conversions.

Ian and Tracey would like to welcome you to Wallington Farm where you can relax  and embrace the countryside fresh air and scenic views .

We have 500 breeding sheep, 150 Cattle, 50 Hens 5 Rabbits and 2 Pygmy Goats. The farmhouse and buildings are set down a country lane with the views of the welsh hills and the Cheshire plain.

For us farming is a way of life and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Now we want others to enjoy it with us.

You are welcome to see Lambs being born on our farm in the winter months, then  you can retreat back into your cosy barn to warm up.

Wellington Boots are essential and warm clothing.

Farming is very dependent on the weather and determines what jobs we do from day to day. No two days are the same.

As you can appreciate it is busy working environment, with tractors and the necessary machinery.

Our working calendar is as follows

  • January.  Early lambs are due.
  • February.  Lambing time
  • March.   2nd batch of lambs due and hopefully some baby rabbits
  • April.  Spring work begins, fertilising, sowing, rolling the fields.
  • May.  1st cut silage/harvest time
  • June.  Shearing sheep and haymaking
  • July.  2nd cut silage
  • September. Purchase straw from arable farm fields for bedding.
  • October.  Cattle come in for the winter months
  • November.  Ultra-sound scanning of sheep

If you wish to have a tour of the farm yard, please arrange at the time of your visit. Please note that tours at lambing times can put pregnant ladies at risk.